Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver is a successful Icelandic recording artist, now launching his career in Sweden and beyond.

After debuting in 2009 with the massive radio hit ’Over You’, Daniel then became a major figure on the Icelandic pop scene in 2010 with the release of his second single ’Dr. Love’.

It’s that song that made him known throughout the country. The music video for ’Dr. Love’ got over 30,000 views on YouTube in the first week. It was provocative, and the combination of his sound and this visual made him an instant favourite with the Icelandic media, as well as his fans.

After ’Dr. Love’, he decided to start making his songs in English and contacted Örlygur Smári, Iceland’s most successful pop music producer of modern times, and asked him to do a song with him. The collaboration went even better than expected, and their first song, ’Superficial’ got fantastic airplay and great reviews from both Daniel’s fans and critics. Subsequently, Daniel was offered to sing at Iceland’s largest music event NASA in August 2011. And it was there that he introduced a second new song that he had made with Örlygur, ’Takin’ It Back’. That song went on to become his biggest airplay hit in Iceland.

The next step in his career was bringing his music over to Sweden. Daniel moved to Stockholm in beginning of October 2011 so he could introduce his music to Swedish audience. And that’s where we see him today – about to release a brand new single, his first in Sweden, ’DJ Blow My Speakers’. It’s a modern dance track with a dirty bassline and a memorable pop hook. Produced by Örlygur Smari, and written by Daniel himself alongside Karl Batterbee, it’s the perfect sound for 2012. ‘DJ Blow My Speakers’ got its big premiere in Sweden when Daniel performed at Stockholm Pride’s massive Saturday night concert in August. He sang to a crowd of 10,000 people in attendance, to rave reviews from press and spectators.

Daniel oliver

Already picked up by one of Scandinavia’s most respected music managers, Victoria Ekeberg, and co-managed by Karl Batterbee, Daniel Oliver is all set to make a big impression on Swedish audiences – with ’DJ Blow My Speakers’ being the fitting soundtrack to such a big debut. He’s also been in the studio with legendary songwriter and producer Jonas von der Burg, to record an infectious new pop song that should cement Daniel Oliver’s promise of being the hottest new male solo singer to come from the Nordics.

Somewhat ahead of schedule though, the UK has already shown an interest in Daniel, based on what they’ve heard of ‘DJ Blow My Speakers’. Daniel will be flown to London at the end of September to perform at the popular Voyage Voyage club night, and also to film interviews for two big music TV channels – Chart Show TV and Dance Nation TV.

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