Natalie Gauci

Natalie Gauci

Natalie grew up in Australia her parents are of Italian and Maltese decent. She started as an independent artist recording and playing piano in the bedroom and worked as a singing teacher and session singer in Melbourne. Bored with her life she decided to take a different road and start performing original music. Natalie then auditioned and won the title of Australian Idol in 2007. She then went on to have success in Australia selling platinum and gold with her Album release with Sony BMG. Natalie formed an electro pop band called “Tune in Tokyo”, their single Dreamer had success in Australia and Spain. Natalie also had a top 30 hit with her single “Without You” in Germany 2011.

Natalie found herself once again bored of the life she was leading and was looking for an adventure. She decided to pack her bags and leave for Germany. Natalie went to ADE dance music conference and happen to be sitting next to Victoria Ekeberg at the David Guetta QnA. Victoria’s first words to Natalie were “what are you doing in Berlin, you should be living in Sweden doing dance pop music, your voice is amazing”. Next thing Natalie finds herself working and living in Sweden and within 2 months she has written a single with Jonas Vonderberg and will be releasing it with Four on the Flour record label! Not only has she been working the biggest producers in Sweden Natalie has had some of the most amazing experiences of her life. Her experiences gives her the inspiration to write and be creative. Natalie feels like Sweden is a very spiritual place with the best music to offer to the rest of the world and she feels very at home here. This is just beginning for Natalie Gauci.

Natalie Gauci
Foto: Erik Lundback

Listen to the song Everybody Loves Me

Listen to the song Just Dance

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In 2008 Victoria Ekeberg saw her big breakthrough. With Billboard-charting September, Lucky Twice hitting big in Spain, selling multi-platinum and now just recently getting her new artists Daniela and Gathania signed to both Lemon Records in Poland and landing album deals with the highly respected label Hard2Beat in UK.

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